specializing in HYPNOTHERAPY and counseling

Specialists in counseling, Using guided imagery, relaxation, concentration and focus; hypnotherapy aims to help individuals achieve certain goals and overcome obstacles such as addiction and grief. 

Choosing a therapist

                                                                               OUR MISSION

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to safely change limiting beliefs and thoughts so they can live their best pain free and challenge free life.

                                                                                   OUR  FOCUS

Our focus is to help individuals to heal, energize and become aware of their inner thoughts. We assist them by providing a neutral, safe space, listen to their issues and develop a customized treatment plan that will help them heal. We help them to reach a relaxed state of awareness where they can easily take on positive suggestions by listening to their inner wisdom, enlightening limiting beliefs and thoughts and replacing them with thoughts and beliefs that will serve them better.

                                                                       OUR MEDICAL PRACTICE

Our experience  enables us to offer our patients individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health and physical  disorders and provide a neutral ground for individuals, families, children and couples to safely work on issues.

We never diagnose or prescribe medical treatments in our practice but, we can assist with advice on supplements. We use clinical hypnotherapy to assist the medical profession by complimenting conventional  medical practices.

                                                                                     DREAM BIG

What you dream about, what you think about and what you think you deserve becomes your reality so come in for a COMPLIMENTRY session and let us help you realize your greatest potential.

CALL 403-347-3844  to book your appointment.

Meet Karen!

 With over 30 years of experience, Karen is a  Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in helping people change habits, phobias, in relationship counselling, children's hypnosis, hypnobirthing, forensic hypnosis and regression therapy. Karen is also a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, a Reiki Master and Life Coach. 

                                                                  KAREN`S QUALIFICATIONS
  •  Been in business in Red Deer and surrounding area for over 30 years.
  • Trained in Calgary, Red Deer, California, Vancouver, Des Moines Iowa and over the years have taken  many advanced courses and attended many seminars.
  • Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified in Children`s Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counseling,     Forensic Hypnosis and Regression Therapy

                                                                            CHOOSING A THERAPIST

It is very important to be careful who you choose to work with you when you are dealing with issues you need solved as an inexperienced hypnotist can cause more harm than good. Some people take a weekend course and think they are ready to help people. I would be very cautious. check their credentials, references

and training.

To truly help someone, it takes years of schooling and practice to become  a qualified therapist and counselor , yearly updating, courses and retraining to keep up with the newest and best tools available to help your clients.

I offer a free consultation so I can get to know you and you can get to know me a bit to see if we are the right fit to work together. You need to feel comfortable with whomever you choose to work with.

You can contact me any time at 403-348-7085 by phone or text or by email at [email protected]   and I can set up a free consultation for you.


With a 94% success rate most clients will become tobacco free in as little as 3 sessions. After meeting with you, we will develop a program just for you which addresses your particular issues around smoking 

Over the years I have helped dozens of people give up the smoking habit for good. Normally it takes 3 sessions for most people to walk out of the  office smoke free. Sometimes it takes a few days after they have completed the sessions but it does work. Depends on the clients level of commitment.

Some hypnotists say they can work several people at a time. Been there, tried that. Yes, out of three, one may quit. It is not a good practice in the long run. Can be a waste of money and time. The reason one person cannot quit is likely really different from why another cannot. When someone comes to the office, we take time to learn the reasons a person cannot stop on their own and then spend a couple days working on a program that will work with that individual and address their  particular issues so they can stay smoke free.


 . We teach Mothers-to-be everything they  need to know for a safer, easier and more comfortable birthing experience for them and their baby. We help dispel the myth that pain must accompany labor. With the hypnobirthing technique, Moms will have a relaxing, stress free  labor. When a woman is properly prepared for child birth and the mind and body are working in harmony, then nature is free to function in the same well designed manner that it does for every female creature on earth when they are birthing  their young.

You will eliminate the need for some pain medication and in turn have a more alert baby when they arrive.

When the woman is totally prepared for the arrival of her baby it will be the most beautiful experience of their life.


Depression, fear and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that  most of us feel at some point  in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help people  recover their motivation, perspective on life and the joy that they once had in life. 

                                                                                           WEIGHT REDUCTION

If anyone ever tells you they can make you loose weight, don`t waste your money!!

We all know that the only real way to reduce our weight is by burning more calories than we take in. Not rock science, right. For some reason though, one may have trouble getting things going in the right direction. That is where we come in. Sometimes people just need a little help to change the script that is running in their  belief system about why they are holding on to the extra pounds. I cannot make you release any weight but what I can do is provide you with some tools that will help you become healthy again. You must do the work.  I help you change the way you think about food and the purpose it serves in your body, give you ideas on how to reach your goal and work with you for as long as you feel you need support in reaching your goal. 

A healthy diet is imperative along with exercise to to be able to reduce the amount of weight you may be carrying. We help you change the way you look at food.

What else can Hypnotherapy help with?


Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection in all stages of their relationship.
Therapy sessions are held with both parties, first separately the together. This is a supportive, safe place to discuss issues and work on solutions to better strengthen the relationship.


Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and or traumatic circumstances or events. Anxiety, hopelessness and fear area a few emotions that can linger past traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing.


For many addictions are ruining lives and if we can assist in any small way, we are here to help you work through your issues. Come talk to us and we will let you know if we can help with your particular issue or not and if we feel we cannot, we can refer you to someone who can.

Our initial meeting of 15 minutes or so is of no charge to you.


As with any addiction, it is a life long challenge. I have worked with Alberta Gaming and I have developed a work book that we use to help change the way you think about donating your hard earned money to the casino or to the VLT.s Once we are done the program, it is recommended that you get additional ongoing support by attending AA meetings. 

                                                                                     GRIEF AND SAYING GOODBYE 

We are able to help people deal with death and dying and let them be able to say goodbye to those they were not able to when they departed.

                                                                                                   HEALTH ISSUES

We can assist with all types of health issues from cancer to arthritis. We can help  you deal with pain and work with you and your body to tune into the fact that in may cases, the body knows how to help you heal. Sometimes we just have to give it a nudge.

Pre-operative sessions help one heal much quicker and with less medication. Let us show you how.

                                                             SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION

            1. IS HYPNOSIS SAFE    Having a session with a Certified, properly trained clinical hypnotherapist, it is totally safe. 

           2. WHAT IS HYPNOSIS    Hypnosis  is a state of altered awareness, perception or consciousness that is a tool used by a                      licensed, trained  Master Clinical Hypnotherapist   or a Doctor for treating psychological and physical issues in a                             highly relaxed, receptive state.

           3. HOW TO CHOOSE A THERAPIST  That is the important part - Choose a therapist not a hypnotist - choose wisely,                          check credentials, ask friends who   they may seen. There  are   several hypnotists attempting to treat people with                            only a weekend course. It   takes years to be a therapist so be vigilant. There are many good   therapists around. Just do                   your   homework.

         4. CAN ANYONE BE HYPNOTIZED  Anyone who wants to be , can be. In my 30 years of doing this, I have only had two                 people who could Not be hypnotized and both of them had not been truthful about their drug and alcohol use that                   day.  For hypnosis to work effectively, one must be clean for at least a day before attempting treatment.

          5. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST   Costs may vary a little depending on the treatment required and the number  of                             sessions  one may need, to deal  with specific issues but many issues can be dealt with in a one and a half hour session                   for under 100.00 dollars.   Unlike some other hypnotists in town, I have no problem letting people know more or less                    what to expect  if  they choose to come to my office for treatment. Just call 403-347-3844 and I will be happy to tell                        you the exact cost for  the  treatment you require.

         6. ARE THESE SERVICES COVERED BY INSURANCE  Over the years we have lobbied AHS to cover these services but,                so   far we have had no luck. Some of the private insurance companies will     cover the cost if  referred by  a Doctor.

          7. CAN YOU MAKE US DO THINGS WE DON`T WANT TO DO. NO.. even in  stage hypnosis, people will never do                                anything they would not normally do with a little encouragement if they were awake.

What our customers are saying

Karen Helped me overcome my anxiety. She developed a program specifically for my needs and I'm overjoyed with the outcome. I would recommend Life Changes Therapy to anyone looking to get back to their old self!

Jane S- Red Deer

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* I have been trying to quit smoking for years and during that time, have tried many things. With just three sessions, I finally got my life back.     Karen not only helped me to give up cigarettes but helped me deal with issues that prevented me from quitting on my own. I am so glad I   found this lady. She is awesome .... Angela from Rocky Mountain House

* After constantly coming in second in Dressage Competitions, I decided to try some hypnosis to see if that would help me with my focus and   concentration. I went to LIFE CHANGES for a session before my competition in August and I could not believe it; I won my first place ribbon.   Thank you so very much.  Betty (Innisfail)

* Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of small spaces and anything pink. I went to see Karen and she did a regression session with me   and we discovered the reasons for these fears in an hour and a half session. I went to her office the next day to show her that for the first time   ever, I could wear a pink blouse without panicking. Why did I wait so long. I will be forever grateful to this lady. Thank you, Susan (Red Deer) 

*Arlene - email message - just wanted to thank Karen so very much for the kind, professional, very helpful hypnotherapist that she is. She helped my young grandson when nothing else was working. He struggled with abandonment of his mother and although he has a very supportive family with his father and step mother, he was still carrying a very heavy weight on his little shoulders. My grandson is now  much happier and relieved and has told me that he felt Karen helped him so much he would like to see her every week if he could.  Thank you so much.